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What Was THAT? March 17, 2010

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The sounds of our Barred Owls are enough to wake the dead! They are happily noisy all night and often through the day. I always wonder what people think who hear them for the first time. I remember the one right outside our bedroom window that went into a wild monkey laugh at three in the morning…the first time I heard it, I remember shaking and running to see what kind of animal was prowling our yard. Now, season by season it’s a sound I love to hear.


2 Responses to “What Was THAT?”

  1. Leanne NZ Says:

    Wonderful to see you had blogged! We hear Moreporks here – always bring a smile to the dial.

    Heading into autumn down under.

    Lots of love
    Leanne NZ

  2. Scarlett Says:


    I’ve missed you and your blog! Thanks for sharing that beautiful creature. Amazing!

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