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Has anyone seen one yet? September 3, 2009

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Orb Nest P1010687It’s about time for me to start looking for the beautifully crafted egg sack of the common black and yellow Garden Spider. Well, nothing the Lord makes is really common…each and every thing He’s created is marvelous and way beyond wonder!

This picture is one I took several years ago, but I know that if I start searching my garden I will find this year’s model, and I always love discovering that early “sign of fall.”


7 Responses to “Has anyone seen one yet?”

  1. Leanne NZ Says:

    We are getting excited down under for spring. Today was the arrival of our first lamb – nothing nicer than a wibbly wobbly baby lamb.
    And we sat & watched a bumblebee nest – the queen has very kindly made her nest by my vegetable garden wasn’t that kind of her

    Love Leanne NZ

  2. Jane Claire Says:

    Happy spring to you Down Under! Love those wibbly-wobbly lambs and I do think it is lovely that the bumblebee is nesting by your garden. I used to work in my flower garden with Bumbles right by my ear and they never bothered me. I quite like them.

  3. Hollie V Says:

    We have several of the beautiful spiders in our shrubs–MUCH earlier than usual this year. However, I’ve never been able to see the egg sack. Maybe this year!

  4. KatieCo Says:

    I think I found one last week on our campout. Looks like yours, but it was a beautiful mottled orange.

  5. Jane Claire Says:

    Are we talking spider color or egg sack?

    The mottled orange garden spider is common garden Spider – Araneus diadematus.

    Argiope aurantia is the black and yellow common garden spider and that is the one whose egg sac is pictured here.

  6. KatieCo Says:

    The egg sack was mottled orange. :o) I haven’t had time to look it up yet.

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