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Morning and Evening July 29, 2009

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P1060187Today we saw big blue water, white sails, dozens of gulls, and plants in greens and yellows, filled with brightness. Exhilarating!

Tonight the subtle colors are lulling us to rest.


Happy Face July 22, 2009

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jane beans2Green beans…they are nature, aren’t they? What a wonder from a few seeds to double fists full of yummy-ness. In this picture I was at a friend’s house, snapping happily away on the weekend of the Fourth of July. Just yesterday, I snapped beans in Michigan–about a gallon of them!  Then I sauteed pecan halves in a little butter till they crisped up and sprinkled coarse salt on them. I flung the nuts atop the cooked green beans…oh my!

Sometimes nature is the beach or a deer or the stars, and sometimes it is blueberries and other  yummy plants that grow. Please pass the green beans!


And That’s a Normal Sized Leaf July 16, 2009

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blueP1050242Yes, blueberries are a big part of Michigan summers. Watching them, picking them, and eating them!

We can get some Michigan ones, now, that have grown further south, but the berries from here won’t come on till August. They’re worth waiting for though ’cause they are whoppers! There is a blueberry leaf in the picture to demonstrate how big those berries get.

If you are a poetry lover, or wish to be, read the story poem by Robert Frost called “Blueberries.” I read it each and every year about this time. You can find it on the Internet. Enjoy!


Food Network in Their Future? July 13, 2009

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fish A few years ago I was walking on a beach and happened upon this sight.  Now and then small (sardine size) white fish wash up on the beaches of eastern Lake Michigan, but I’ve never beheld them so artfully arranged and served up on a paper plate, for pretend, as you can see in this picture. Two little girls about six were standing nearby and I asked them if they minded if I took a photo of their  creation. I definitely see a chef and “food presentation” artist in the making! Every time I pass by this picture I am amazed.


What is it? July 11, 2009

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Doily At our youngest daughter’s house I saw a large slab of wood, on which she displayed candles, or set lanterns and used in many other ways. So, I thought, I would like to have something similar. I tried to describe it to a friend, and finally, because I was not having luck making sense, I said…well, you know, I’d use it like God’s doily!  Being a great friend, she brought me a slab of wood with the top sealed and shiny. I love it!


Fuel Up! July 10, 2009

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Everyone is busy…there are so many activities…so much to do.  Are you taking time to re-fill? Time to relax, find calm, and enjoy the nature around you?

We schedule so much…don’t forget to fuel up! Running on empty doesn’t usually get us where we’d like to be.



Ahhh….what a beautiful day!

A precious gift of the Lord just waiting to be opened…


From the Eye of the Artist July 9, 2009

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Perhaps some of you remember the book Daniel’s Duck. In this story by Clyde Robert Bulla, the young woodcarver thinks carefully before beginning his carving of a duck. He then chooses to carve a duck in an unusual pose, which causes a strange reaction from the people who view his carving. Rather than just do a typical depiction of a duck, the boy carves a duck looking over its own shoulder…much as if it was preening the feathers on its back. 

Not long ago I was in some woods with my camera and I happened upon a single deer. I took many shots of it, but when I looked through all of them later I was most taken with the photograph below. It is a deer looking over its own shoulder! Now if I could only carve — I would have a sculpture of a deer from an unusual point of view, just the way Daniel fashioned his duck! Deer