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The Promise of Spring March 18, 2010

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My friend brought me flowers…bright yellow daffodils.

I set them on my window sill, and though the branches

of the trees outside aren’t showing a hint of green

(even the willows), these flowers assure me that

spring is on the way!


It’s Not Even Thanksgiving!

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A couple of weeks ago, after a lot of snow, which uncharacteristically stayed on the ground but was finally leaving, I looked out at our bird feeder and this is what I saw! By the time I got my camera, about 25 turkeys had move away from the feeder, so you’ll just have to believe me—both the fact that they were under our feeders and that there were 25! They must have been starved. The farmers will soon be throwing down seed (I guess they don’t do it that way anymore, but you know what I mean) and the turkeys will enjoy what they can get.

It’s hard to believe we only have an acre lot, with a thin strip of woods and a creek and we live in a suburban neighborhood. Oh well, our back yard, little as it may be, never ceases to amaze me!


What Was THAT? March 17, 2010

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The sounds of our Barred Owls are enough to wake the dead! They are happily noisy all night and often through the day. I always wonder what people think who hear them for the first time. I remember the one right outside our bedroom window that went into a wild monkey laugh at three in the morning…the first time I heard it, I remember shaking and running to see what kind of animal was prowling our yard. Now, season by season it’s a sound I love to hear.


Time for snuggling in and journaling…Fall is in the air! September 18, 2009

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Has anyone seen one yet? September 3, 2009

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Orb Nest P1010687It’s about time for me to start looking for the beautifully crafted egg sack of the common black and yellow Garden Spider. Well, nothing the Lord makes is really common…each and every thing He’s created is marvelous and way beyond wonder!

This picture is one I took several years ago, but I know that if I start searching my garden I will find this year’s model, and I always love discovering that early “sign of fall.”


Gulls, I love them…enough said. August 28, 2009

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A Fierce Glory August 23, 2009

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Last night on a  flag-snapping wind, stiff waves and a storm pushed at us from across the lake. It was fierce and glorious at the same time. We spent about 45 minutes playing on the beach…straining into the wind, racing, yelling though no one could hear us for the surf.  We were having a great time, yet so different from the sun-warm beach with gentle waves and the light breezes of earlier in the day. Just goes to show…the beach is a perfect play-place, sun or approaching storm, and it takes so much of  both to make an authentic “at the lake” experience.